Personal responsibility

Integrated implementation of private projects requiring a special approach. 

About us

Beta Management Group specializes in the implementation of commercial and private construction projects in premium segment. We guarantee an unsurpassed result for our customers, combining in our hands all stages of the construction process and taking care of all related issues. Our core competences are: strong design and engineering department, highly qualified specialists, and most importantly - a great experience in the implementation of different projects in Russia and abroad. 

Our standards 

When working with private clients we practice an integrated approach, which implies strict quality control on each work stage, use of the best specialists, well-developed construction project management system, and competent optimization of theprocurement management process, which allows us to guarantee the implementation of your project strictly in time and in exact accordance with pre-agreed budget. 

Well-functioning management system 

A vertically integrated management system allows you to control the object at each stage of its implementation. A team of professionals works on each project. The personal manager, in turn, coordinates the work of the team, and also instantly responds to all requests coming from the customer.


All the processes of work on the project are open to the customer: starting from a thorough elaboration of estimates, based on a detailed technical project, ending with regular reporting on the implementation of work carried out at the building object and photo reports. In addition, the customer has round-the-clock access to surveillance cameras at the construction site from his mobile device in real time.

Own production facilities 

Our own production of carpentry and stone and metal products allows us to personally control the quality of manufactured products to guarantee an ideal result.

Our projects

We are proud of our portfolio, but even more we value our customers and the inviolability of their personal space. Therefore, based on the concepts of confidentiality, we do not publish photos of implemented  objects. Although in every project implemented by us, there are details that cannot be ignored. 
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